Jazz Fest Blog 2018


Jazz Fest trip number seven was happily a bit longer than previous years. This year will be remembered for is absolutely perfect weather on every single day. There was also the usual great food, absolutely incredible music, and the wonderful people and overall vibe of New Orleans. As usual, you can find a quick recap of most of the trip on the photo and video pages in the New Orleans Trips section of this website. In the blog pages below you'll find background on and linked performances of the artists we heard as well as information about the places we visited. It may not be as detailed as in the past years because I'm getting a late start, but we shall see what develops. Do please enjoy whatever may happen. And, as always, if find yourself drawn to any of the New Orleans musicians, please support them!  Buy their recordings, and if they are ever in town, come with us to enjoy them in person! Because ... Live Music Is Better!

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