Jazz Fest Blog 2017

Jazz Fest trip number six saw everything back to normal. We both enjoyed the entire trip, there were no flu bugs to contend with, and the weather was mostly cooperative. The music at Jazz Fest was once again mind-blowing, and we saw some evening music that was great as well. The food, well, we're just getting spoiled by all of the great food, and we just can't say enough about the people we encounter along the way. 

Don't forget the photo and video pages in the Jazz Fest Trips section of the website if you want a quicker recap of the trip. In the blog pages below you'll find background on and linked performances of the artists we heard as well as information about the places we visited, a real conglomeration of music and cultural history. I still enjoy creating it, and I hope you enjoy reading it. As always, if find yourself drawn to any of these wonderful New Orleans musicians, please support them by buying or streaming their recordings. If they happen to appear in town, join us! Because ... Live Music Is Better!

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