Jazz Fest Blog 2016

The fifth Jazz Fest trip was definitely different, with Laurie staying home the first weekend due to Passover and arriving on Day 6. I had perfect weather and great music the first weekend, but because I was recovering from the flu I didn't do anything in the evenings. We had not so great weather and great music the second weekend. We also had a couple of great meals out and some evening music that was outstanding. The food was great all of the time, as were the people of New Orleans ... as always. Don't forget the photo and video pages in the Road Trips section of the website if you want a quick-ish recap of the trip. In the blog pages below you'll find background on and linked performances of the artists we heard as well as information about the places we visited. It's a real conglomeration of music and cultural history, and I really enjoy creating it, so do enjoy. As always, if find yourself drawn to any of these wonderful New Orleans musicians, please support them!  Buy their recordings, and if they are ever in town, come with us to enjoy them in person! Because ... Live Music Is Better!

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